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Geriatrics programs

Health support of elderly patients experiencing
complex medical issues due to aging

Health support of  elderly patients experiencing complex medical issues
due to aging

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease program is ongoing care and support to assist patients impacted by a chronic health condition with the medical care, knowledge and resources to better manage on a day to day basis. Make an appointment with Dr. Alex Gold for the monitoring and routine follow-up of your chronic disease.

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Memory Evaluation & Therapy

Early detection of dementia allows you to begin therapy designed to slow down the progression of memory and cognitive loss. Dr. Alex Gold works with patients and their families to provide therapy, slow memory loss process and to make necessary lifestyle arrangements. Book your appointment now.

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Pain Management & Pharmacological Adjustment

This program allows you to receive an independent medical evaluation, a multidisciplinary analysis of your pain syndromes, adjusting a course of treatment tailored to your individual needs. The main goal of such treatment adjustments is to help you decrease your level of pain and suffering and restore your quality of life. Book your treatment here.

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Diagnostics, Lab tests, AKG,

Gold Vitality Center offers various types of diagnostic and lab testing, providing information and services that help you make better healthcare decisions. We use the newest technology to provide an accurate diagnosis and evaluation that is specific to your condition. Learn more about the tests and ask for an appointment with Dr. Alex Gold.

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