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Health management programs

Comprehensive health assessments and personalized
care plans to reach your wellness goals

Comprehensive health assessments and personalized care plans to reach your wellness goals

Regenerating & Anti-aging Medicine

Regenerating & Anti-aging

Anti-aging medicine is a combination of proactive and preventive medical strategies to help combat the negative effects of aging. Dr. Alex Gold works with patients to discuss all options and design an anti-aging care plan to help them stay and feel as healthy as possible.

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Bioidentical Hormone

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is conducted with the use of hormones to help resolve symptoms related to aging or menopause. Through testing and review of your individual health profile, Dr. Alex Gold customizes bioidentical hormone therapy uniquely designed to raise your level of essential hormones to optimal levels.

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Functional Medicine Program

Functional medicine is a holistic healthcare process that creates a close therapeutic partnership between the patient and the doctor. In Gold Vitality Center we use patient's detailed health history, lifestyle choices and environmental factors to come up with specific and personalized treatment plan. Contact office of Dr. Alex Gold to schedule a functional medicine consultation.

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Infusion Therapies

Infusion Therapy, also known as IV therapy, is commonly used to target a variety of wellness needs by aiding recovery from illness, restoring vitamin and nutrient levels and revitalizing your overall well-being. Gold Vitality Center offers intravenous infusion therapies to help treat disease, and to boost your overall health and energy. For detailed information regarding a specific procedure, simply call and get an appointment to start treatment.

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Stress Prevention
& Management

Continuous stress conditions may lead to hypertension, obesity, and even depression. Therefore, stress prevention and effective treatment can help you to strengthen your body and develop resistance to future physical and emotional reactions to stressful situations. Book an appointment with Dr. Alex Gold to identify any stressors that may be present in your life.

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Wellness Programs
& Herbal Supplements

Gold Vitality Center provides a personalized wellness plan to improve your well-being and reduce effect of everyday health issues such as weight loss, energy loss, blood sugar control, disease or digestion problems. Our wellness programs apply a step by step approach to managing your health under professional guidance. If you’d like to know more information about herbal supplements, call or book an appointment.

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Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle modification program adjusts your daily health choices and behaviors. Its goals and results include lifelong wellness, weight loss, greater core strength, improvements to flexibility and mobility, and an overall healthy outlook on life. Dr. Alex Gold personally develops such customized programs for each patient. Call us to learn more.

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Physical Therapy

Gold Vitality Center in Santa Monica, California offers current treatment services for many musculoskeletal disorders and diseases as well as for post-injury and post-operative rehabilitation.  Call us to learn more about your personalized care that fits your specific needs.

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We are official partner of CareCredit Healthcare Financing

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We are official partner of CareCredit Healthcare Financing

You can apply for CareCredit

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